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The five projects below show my approach to solving specific customer and business challenges. If you're curious about something that isn't covered here, let me know. 

Chart illustrating market volitility example

Design product content for new investing app, including a flow to help existing users know if they should change their investing approach after a major life event.

Word cloud showing search intents for a top Outlook query

Lead high visibility, org-wide initiative to quickly improve search results for top 100 support queries across Office 365 products, by training writers to understand and meet priority search intents. 

Office Insider logo

Through content and community building, keep early adopters of monthly Office 365 product updates informed, engaged, and inspired to share timely feedback about new features in development.

Ecosystem mapping in progress

Develop and deliver a collaborative workshop to create a content ecosystem map, a visual aid for helping stakeholders across our business "see" content gaps, overlaps, and opportunities to partner. 

List of top tasks and content needs by personas

Conduct research, audit, and analysis to understand if the content used today to announce new features and other product changes is findable, useful, relevant, and trusted by IT admins. Then, get stakeholders aligned on short- and long-term goals for improving this inventory.

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